“Bullfight painting” honourable mention. Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery.

Exhibitions and events

My painting “Bull fight” was granted an honourable mention once again! This time it takes part in “Creative Inspiration 2017” event at Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery. Looks like this painting is really lucky for me!

New site


Some of you might remember my old site fesechko.com . It was dedicated to all of my arts: 3D design, digital illustration, traditional art and of course miniatures. Now I finally decided to concentrate on one of those – traditional oil painting. For those who search for my miniature works still can find them on my Putty and Paint gallery. There are only my major works of course but I want to calm you down, I have some plans to make a separate page for my miniature projects in future.

I will write some posts here as this site still has some functions of blog. They would be written in English. Please, excuse me my Russian readers, but I really do not have so much time to write everything I do in different languages. I paint and paint a lot. I do want to have some private time . Thank you for understanding.

I do appreciate any attention to my art. Thank you,